Auto starting hotspot

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Please help, how do I make hotspot to auto start after reboot?

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Hotspot works perfectly in CoreELEC at boot. Make sure that (1) CoreELEC uses an ethernet connection to your network, (2) CoreELEC wireless network is enabled, (3) there is no automatic wireless connection from CoreELEC to any access point, (4) and that hotspot mode is enabled.

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Unfortunately my Enable ‘Tethered’ Wireless Access Point doesn’t auto start after reboot. I’m using CoreElec 9.03 together with entware on Tanix TX92 TV Box, probably that the reason it doesn’t start automatically.
Can I make it to manually auto start with systemctl enable command?

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I activated the Tethered Wireless Access Point on coreelec on vim 3 , my phone detected the wifi but it was searching th IP adress and finally failed
any suggestion please about how to turn my vim 3 to an access point using coreelec 9.5