Auto Updated to 9.2.1 Now ChangeLog Shows At Every Startup

Hi, my CoreELEC installation automatically updated itself to 9.2.1 and now every time I boot up, the changelog screen shows up. I have to exit out of the changelog ever time.

Could someone please let me know how I can eliminate this situation?

(S902x box booting from SD card.)


Edit: I just now saw that there’s a 9.2.1 discussion forum, so I’ll post my question over there. Thanks.

I should have said S905X2 box. Sorry

Rebooting the device should clear the update status.

Use the power menu in CoreELEC to reboot the device.

That did it!

Thanks very much

And thanks to you and the team for your efforts. CoreELEC is the only way I could get DTS passthrough to work on this box.

Thanks again.