Autoresolution switching possible for max. Photo Quality?


when selecting the proposed autoresolution switching settings

Settings > System > Display

  • Whitelist => de-select all options
  • Resolution => 1920x1080p

i recognized that autoresolution switching back and forth to 1080p/4k on my 4k TV works for video content, but sadly not for photo display (it constantly displays photos at 1080p)? I have a bunch of High Res Photos (16MP+) and would like to have the maximum display quality as possible i.e. full native 4k TV resolution for Photos.

Is there a way to get KODI automatically switching to 4k resolution when displaying Photos, similar to the video resolution switching feature ?

(S912 / CE 8.95.7)

I don’t think, it is possible, because photos are displayed within the GUI and therefore use the same resolution.

@relkai I think it could be done but it would require considerable modification to the Kodi code, ie when loading a photo read resolutions and switch to maximum and upon exiting return to original resolution.

I think this would be a request best suited to the Kodi team rather than for us to implement it.

Yeah, you are right. With the correct modifications to Kodi, this could be possible.

I have same pb ! So, before watch my photos, I changed kodi setting to new resolution = 4k (UHD) ! And change back to full HD after ! (boring…)

AFAIK the auto switching is triggered as soon as the resolution or refresh rate changes. Because auto switching is mostly needed for 4K content, the recommended GUI resolution is 1080p.

Maybe you could try to set the GUI to a 4K resolution with a refresh rate not supported by most movies.
The normal refresh rate for most movies is 24Hz.
If you choose e.g. 3840x2160@50Hz for your GUI, auto switching for most movies should still work.

But keep in mind, that you could produce some other problems, and 1080p is still the recommended GUI resolution.

Some times ago kszaq made an LE version to my request which lacks of the resolution hack of currently using in LE/CE which shows the pictures at 1080p resolution even if the GUI set to 4k. The reason is this hack necessary in the current LE/CE because the CPU isn’t fast enough to make the 4k overlay without stuttering (at least kszaq said this. It’s not a simple change, you need different kernel, etc. as I know.) So I used this LE version for a year when I wanted to show my pictures to my friend. My new tv can show pictures in original resolution through dlna so I’m not using it anymore.

So what you need here not auto resolution switch but you need the picture resolution follows the GUI settings.

Thank you all for your replies !

Obviously, this feature request seems to be not so easy to get implemented.
I may forward it to the KODI team, as proposed.

Thank you for the clarification.


I’m just thinking about an alternative solution.

Why not simply autoswitch to max. possible TV resolution upon entering the “Picture” directory on the Kodi Main Menue and switching back to preselected GUI resolution (1080p) upon leaving ?

That way, there’s no need to check each photo size/resolution and all photos would be displayed in max. TV resolution. Upon leaving the Picture Menue and getting back to the Kodi Main Menue with GUI resolution (1080p) would enable again the video autoresolution feature.

And best of all, this feature could be even made user selectable (on/off) in Kodi Picture settings.

This sounds so easy, what do you think ?

P.S. I just forwarded this idea to the KODI forum. Let’s also see what they say.

That’s exactly what I posted in my previous post :slight_smile:

Max resolution is not the optimal choice, because for example my tv has all true 4k modes (4096x2160) but the panel only 3840x2160 pixel so a stretching will occur.

So maybe one could make the resolution when entering the “pictures” folder selectable in the picture settings menue (e.g. select GUI resolution autoswitch for “Pictures” on/off. If “on” then “select GUI resolution (List of applicable modes)”)

i find the same issue for 4K picture display. by using the new libreelec nightly building for S912, and set system->display->GUI limit->unlimited and reboot, then you will find your S912 goes to the real 4K GUI(should be). and the picture will be showed in 4K. but currently Coreelec can not support this option.

BTW. Liberelec nightly version have many trouble in movies playback for S912, so I post a request in Coreelec hope in next version they can reopen unlimited GUI size option for S912.