Backport kodi and hw decoding into ubuntu/debian distos

Hi all,
I’m actually using ubuntu minimal on my odroid n2
I installed kodi and the video performances are far to be good: poor framerate, video are not smooth as it should be.
no hardware acceleration too, so 4k/h265 with high bitrate vide framerate is floating around 10/15fps sometimes

I hope that the performances with coreelec are better than my experience (I didn’t tested coreelec yet on this board)

2 questions:

  1. what are video performances on this board (odroid n2 NOT plus)?
  2. is there something I can do to backport all coreelec’s optimizations to kodi package? (I would like to make some modifications to the kernel and kodi package to benefit hw acceleration and all optimizations made for this OS)

sorry for the newbie questions,
cheers from Italy

Short answers are:

1- N2 (even not the plus) with CoreELEC is considered the best kodi experience so you can’t do better than that;
2- I suppose you’re trying to use more recent kernels in your Ubuntu build so no, there’s not much you can do. You can search for “mainline” in this or other forums and you’ll understand that’s, so far, a dead end.

Hi, thanks for You reply @Vasco
I’m using ubuntu 18.04LTS minimal from odroid’s repository
I wanted to start from this distro because with this board I want to do something more than just kodi (openvpn server, mysql server, tvheadend server, airplay, a2dp bluetooth receiver, nextcloud instance and more)
I installed kodi with the standard packages but video performances are far from best
I’m not related in any way to newer kernel’s, I’m using this one:

Linux odroid 4.9.230-76 #1 SMP PREEMPT Sat Aug 15 00:10:26 -03 2020 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux

is there any way to build patches/packages from coreelec?
thanks again

p.s. I used in the past libreelec on a raspberry pi but the lack of possibilities to use a package manager and some kernel features pointed me to use raspbian and its kodi implementation (and that wasn’t terrible as this one:))

You can do all these things with CE and Docker.

And the short answer to your question is no.

Odroid was releasing test builds based upon Ubuntu minimal which then had the new open source Mali drivers loaded on top of them. I saw a video of it working and it looked very impressive.
However when I went and created a Ubuntu minimal with added Mail drivers it wouldn’t boot. This was about a month ago and I haven’t tried since. There was some serious problem with the integration of the Mali drivers and the needed software disappeared from the site.
Its worth seeing if they made any more progress with this attempt to get the new Open Source drivers working.


very interesting. I’ll take a look
never used docker in my life maybe it’s time to start :slight_smile:

can You (if You have time) give me the long answer?

ok thanks, but are You talking about panfrost drivers?

since I don’t need a desktop environment can I use the same drivers that uses coreelec/libreelec but in my ubuntu minimal environment?
I’m reading something on odroid’s forum like this

Basically we have many fixes everywhere, including the kernel, Kodi itself, and other binaries responsible for media playback. It would be impractical/impossible to port it over to ubuntu.

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