Backup and Thumbnails

is there a reason (or a bug?) why the Thumbnails are not part of the CoreELEC Backup?

However, if you use an addition profile, the Thumbnails folder of this profile IS part of the Backup.


Well, I prefer not to backup Thumbnails as it’s usually huge on my system, and it gets rebuild very fast on my N2.

Well, in this case it would be a bug that the additional profile’s Thumbnails are part of the backup. :grinning:

If Thumbnails should be part of the backup, then it is not working for the root profile.

Either way, there is a bug and could be fixed.
(Using this forum is the only way to report issue, there is no real bug tracker right?)

There is no real CE bug tracker where I can report this, right?

Sounds like a bug to me. We filtered out backing up thumbnails because it took a very long time on SD cards, and also took up huge amounts of space. Looks like the filter may not work properly when using multiple profiles.

Yes I also believe that this “filter” does not work for the /.kodi/userdata/profiles/XXX/Thumbnails-folder (XXX means the profile name and is of course dynamic).

Do I need to do more reporting or is this enough for you guys to fix? :wink:


I reproduced the issue, we’re looking into possible fixes for this.

Thanks :+1:

I pushed a fix for this. Next nightly will ask you whether you want to include or exclude the thumbnails folder, and this choice should apply to all profiles.
Please test it and let me know if works as expected.

Should this be in the Matrix nightly’s too?

Yes, it’s in both versions.

I think its funny that i have always cleared out Thumbs manually before triggering a backup before :smiley:

Tested for both options and it works perfectly with default profile.

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