Backup CoreELEC via SSH

Is there a way to trigger a full CoreELEC backup over SSH? It’s a pain to go to the hometheater room and turn everything on just to trigger the backup.

tar cpf /path/to/your/backup/location/$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S).tar /storage

cd /
tar xpf /path/to/your/tar/file.tar


Thankyou! Exactly what i needed. I’ll be setting this up as a cron job so that it backs up every other night.

Would it be possible to pin this to the “How to” section.
If its possible to restore to a different box this would help to relieve the effort in keeping a bunch of boxes up to date.

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You can install the amlogic vnc add-on (it’s in CE repo) and then connect to it from your PC with vncviewer.