BB2 PRO 3GB 32G 1Gbps - DTB

I need help, I installed 2 different versions to see enable the internal 32GB working with the hardware of the BB2 PRO.
It is S912 3GB DDR4 32GB Lan 1Gbps, I tested the gxm_q200_3g / gxm_q201_3g_1gbit and the gxm_q200_3g both unsuccessfully, it only recognizes internal 16GB.
Which one should I use?

Have you considered that your box only has 16GB of internal storage?
32GB could be faked on Android. And I can’t really find a 32GB version from a quick Google search.

You where con’d with the marketing I’m afraid. Disk space is determined by the kernel and not by the DTB.

When I boot the microSD, it recognizes the internal space, so when installing NAND appears 16Gb, I do not care if you have or not, you would like to know if it is real or not. I’ve seen other models of devices that are 32GB, so the questioning, after all which DTB to use for this config?

As I said previously this information is not stored in the dtb, the kernel reads the available disk space from the device and not from the dtb.

In reality, it is the one you get to work most effectively with your device. No one person will know the answer for every box that is on the market. If everything works but you are informed that only 16GB is usable then decide, 16GB with CE or 32GB with Android :wink: