Beelink GT King/Pro works with ceemmc?

Hello. The latest version already includes full ceemmc support, that is, installation to internal storage? No longer having to force “-x”? Thank you for answer…


ok this no longer applies?

CoreELEC:~ # ceemmc -x

Starting CoreELEC eMMC installation tool…

System is not supported: g12b_s922x_beelink_gt_king!

There is NO official support by Team CoreELEC
if you continue to run this tool!
Continue? [y]:

Only Khadas VIM3 and VIM3L are fully and officially supported by Team CoreELEC.

Unsupported devices:

With the parameter x the ceemmc tool can be used for devices not officially supported by team CoreELEC. Any support request for not official supported devices will be ignored.

This is because Team CoreELEC does not own every device on the market available and so we can not confirm the tool function with the unsupported device!

For your own safety be sure you have a working ROM image for your device and you know how to recover the device by Burncardmaker and/or USB burning tool. It’s recomended to install CoreELEC in dual boot mode on not supported hardware as it’s easier to recover the device.

Be warned: the tool maybe brick your device!


As you can read on a link above from Portisch

20200707 (9c7ec947)
Added Minix and Beelink as official supported devices


My bad, I was looking at an old link. I stand corrected:

Current official supported devices by Team CoreELEC:

Khadas VIM3, Khadas VIM3L, Minix, Beelink

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