Beelink m18 does not wake up after suspend

First of all, thanks for all the work you are doing.
I have a Beelink M18(S905 2/16 GB)with Libreelec installed on the Nand and Coreelec 8.90.4 installed on a SD card.
I have configured my remote control and I have configured to show the shutdow menu when pressing the power button. It is working fine. My problem is that when I choose suspend, my HTPC suspend, the blue led goes to red, but I cannot wake it up anymore with the remote. I need to push the on/off button of the htpc to wake it up.
Note1 : When I shutdown my M18, I can start it up with the remote
Note2: The suspend/wake up works well on the libreelec installation
Note3: It is not a degradation, because I did not succeed neither to suspend/wake up with all version 8.90.xx
Note4: Sorry for my english

The Help and Support here is for AML devices running CoreELEC, not HTPC’s or other OS.
(In your situation, I would use shutdown on your M18 as you indicate that it starts up fine with the remote from there.:confused:)

I am running coreelec (the usage of the term ‘htpc’ is only due to a lack of vocaburaly ). Of course I can use shutdown instead of suspend. But I wanted to point a regression in the new version. I don’t know if the problem comes from the dtb or from the new way of controlling the remotes.