Beelink Ultimate G1 First Boot, no Input Method


i try to install Coreelec on the Beelinkt Ultimate GT1.
After prepare a SD Card and install Coreleec with the GT3 DTB File, ant use the Toothpicker Method, the Beelink will start Coreelec and make a Reoot.
Than the Welcome Screen will come, a Message from CEC Devices.

But now, i cant input something to control the Beelink. The Original Remote, the TV Remote with CEC or a Logitech Radiocontrol keyboard will make a Input. The Keyboar show a Mouse Coursor, but no Click will be accepted.

I dont know, what can i do. With the search, i find no hint or answer.

Have someone a suggestion or hint?

With regards,


usb keyboard

Yes, a USB Keyboard with Radio Dongle. Or ist your Opinion, i will be use a USB Cable Keyboard?

Best Hint. Yes, it works!!

usb keyboard with cable

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