Best android box 2021 for CoreELEC

Best android box 2021 for CoreELEC?

Odroid N2+
Simply the best, like Mercedes Benz cars

OK! Thanks :sunglasses:

100% agreed.
Sometimes I whisper sweet words to it :wink:

Yes I agree too.

Minix u22xj works perfect

N2+ has no optical output. So may be is not best at all.
Or may be someone could recommend module with optical output (not dac)?

Easy enough to add, and works great:

The built in DAC, which comes out over the 3.5mm jack, is surprisingly good. It fairly much matches the highly regarded Khadas Toneboard. Most people will never try using this somewhat hidden feature - but they are wasting one of the N2+'s best features.



The X96 Max plus the best. Hehehe is a joke in bad taste. 100x100 garbage the X96 … terrible no, much worse.

N2s or N2+ for sure. Just absolutely rock solid little units. Fast, great playback, silent, zero heat issues and easy as pie to set up with eMMC and Coreelec.

The best Kodi experience, by far, I’ve had in ~13 years of Kodi on a huge variety of platforms. Easily worth the few extra dollars overs the cheap crappy boxes.

I have two, have set up several friends and family with them - & everybody loves them.

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You mean there is toslink or just analog connection?

It’s just analog.
Toslink has a bitrate below what many systems put out so is a bottleneck to performance.


Thank You for this info. :slight_smile: So i could directly connect via jack-RCA cable to amplifier?

Is there on market box with Khadas Toneboard (with optical output i suppose) included?

You would need a mini-jack (3.5mm) to RCA cable. Since the advent of mobile phones its possible to get good quality cables of this type.


I read a lot about the odroid n2+ as being the best CE box ! I want to upgrade from a Beelink GT1.
Few questions:

  • is it really fanless ?
  • is there wifi embedded?
  • is it possible to wake it up using a keyboard with USB dongle ?

Thanks !

Odroid N2+ is not a box, its a SBC :wink:
1 - yes
2 - no
3 - no

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Hehe you are completely right :wink:
Thanks for your reply @Sholander !

Would you recommend it over a box? Main advantages for me: I read that the Uboot is made by CE and not a vendor (so it means better and more stable for me :slightly_smiling_face:). The product life is not near the end so it will support next CE releases.

Drawbacks: no wifi and I read about reliability issues as well

I hope wifi can be added easily. Besides I quickly looked around and cannot find many cases for this SBC :thinking:

It’s madness to choose a box with onboard wifi. There are hundreds of wifi usb sticks. Wifi is meh anyways. Always use Ethernet over wifi.

The vast majority of products come with built in WiFi.

It is far more unusual to find one that doesn’t.

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