Best device for Coreelec in 2021

Libreelec abandoned their efforts to support AMLogic hardware in any useful way (in a pursuit of a purist vision that ignores usablility) so Coreelec is the only software that supports AMLogic hardware in a fully useful way. However beyond a limited range of Single Board Computers even Coreelec doesn’t guarantee to support all AMLogic devices. It does its best to support those devices it has access to and this is where a thread like this points the way towards the degree of support many of those Android boxes have under Coreelec. Read these threads carefully before making any purchase decisions. You may find that many of the Android boxes do not have all of their hardware features supported under CE.
If you want to use Libreelec you are currently limited to using x86 computers or Raspberry Pi boards.


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Shoog, Very fundamental and enlightening information. Thank you.

Cover art is set to 999 which is maximum definition. Covers look great and there’s no slowdown if the gui which is set to 4K. I use the guilouz estuary mod v2 theme

There is a device with the new A311D.Can this be used with CoreElec?It uses the same processor as Vim3.

Look for the T95Max Plus 4/32 S905X3 this is the best cheaper for me … its fast and good device ever for the price … you have some other more expensive but nothing spectacular this is a best buy


I am looking to replace my Minix U9-H box with a newer one , more future proof.
Would the Odroid N2 or C4 be the best of choices? I am running libreelec today but its very outdated.

Using an OLED LG TV with a reciever and 5.1 sound so passthrough with HD audio would be good as well as HDR Support

Thanks for any help =)

Long-term the C4, performance wise the N2.

Yes + Khadas VIM should be the best in 2021, 2022, 2023 …

Don’t know how C4 handles the AV-1 software decoding… if doesn’t burn the little plate, the future looks bright! By the way, where I can find something about AV-1 software decoding? I mean Kodi / Linux related.

Im struggling to decide which box to get, i want a future proof option ideally with dolby vision support. I see three s922x variants (s922x, s922xh, s922xj) but have no idea what the differences between them are? I read the odroid n2+ may never offer dolby vision support.

I could also forget about correlec and go with the shield pro or even wait for the new shields that will likely come out later this year.

Minix U22 (s922xj)
Ugoos AM6 plus (s922xj)
Beelink GT King pro (s922xh)
Odroid N2+ (s922x)
Shield Pro 2019/21

Stick to Android dark side if you crave for DV support. Maybe in Kodi 21 things will settle as software decoding (I hope), maybe not. Look how Netflix 1080p / 4k it is still an issue in Linux platforms.

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If I forget about dv, what would the answer be… N2+?

C4 budget wise. N2+ give a bit more power if you need it.

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The more I read the more I feel the DV thing it not so important. N2+ it is

DV might never work. If HK had DV support we might be able to support it because they would get us the library I am sure. All the box vendors so far are reluctant to join the development.

Both are but the thing is DV now its for online streaming (Netflix, Amazon, Disney…). If you have a TV from 2019-2020 with Android TV or WEBOS, it is enough for now. Not too mainstream but you have a source of DV material for now.
If you want jeOS things like… ELEC to work now with DV you are asking too much too early.

I wouldn’t hold my breath, even if hardkernel would obtain the library. Since it would come with a buttload of NDAs.

From my experience with HK I think it would be different but they won’t do DV. It’s too much costs.

A guy in the makemkv forum said that ugoos told him that there is no 64 bit Dolby vision kernel module because the SDK is only 32 bit.

Whilst Dolby Vision is nice to have and looks good, its mostly placebo. My TV supports all HDR formats, HDR10+ and DV, and as such ive watched content utilising all formats. Truth is, whilst DV has the “potential” to display 12bit and is authored at 4000nits, its all a load of bs because no TV can display it as such yet, its all tone mapped down to say 700-800nits which is where a lot of non-professional panels sit. As such, the real world difference is minimal between a HDR10,10+ and a DV title, because the extra potential detail is mostly lost anyway. Basicaly, its mostly just an obsession for people to see the DV logo when they start a title. As such, the N2+ is still the best device, HDR10/10+ support and runs flawlessly.

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