Best device for Coreelec in 2022

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It would perhaps be really helpful for many to create something like a “recommendation list” according to classes (upper, middle, low budget), which however includes the devices for which new versions of Coreelec will be developed at least for a certain period of time.

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Low budget is never recommended.
Odroids or Khadas can be recommended. Get at least a S905X3. Odroid C4 is imo the best budget device for CoreELEC.
But as stated already a lot of devices work with CoreELEC, do a search on the forum if you spot a device you want to buy. If you can’t find any information don’t buy it and don’t ask if it will work. If you buy it and it works good for you.

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I bought the X96 Air 4Ram / 64Rom, CoreELEC installed in its internal memory works fine. Disadvantages of this device that heats up and must be used disassembled or with an additional mini fan. For those who are going to buy it, keep in mind that the remote control that it brings is small and bad, better a second remote control or use the CEE HDMI television control. I do not know if it will be the best device for CoreELEC 19 but if it is the most economical in value for money.

Buying recommended stuff its healthy for your budget and metal health. Really! After buying Semtex from HK, I’m annoyed because its working and its just working, no more DIY…30 euro/gbp/usd its an interesting lottery - price for a weird Chinese box. But I don’t wanna gamble anymore when I can just sit and watch without worries.

The X96 Airs seem to have been the most consistently reliable cheap boxes out there. Not really heard any complaints - apart from heat issues which plague all the bottom rung boxes equally.


I went this route and while it was fun, i 100% agree with you there.
Love how cool the N2 design is. Literally and figuratively :wink:

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The debate will run forever because a subset of folks will never come to terms with paying a bit more for the certainty of having super hardware. I own something that keeps itself cool no matter what I do to it and does everything I want of it very well. Won’t say what I’ve got cause if you own one you know and so many have already said so. If you doubt those who’ve gone before, good look on your search for the ultimate 14 quid device. Rant over.


Hi I´m using Coreelec on a TX9s (S912) and I understand that I will not be able to install this 19.2 version. Which box will you recommend me to play H265 and 4k HDR content? The cheapest the best.THanks

I am not a fan of cheapest. Sometimes you pay twice :wink: Take the for example the Odroid N2 2GB and you are good to go. Runs at my Home in two places (CoreElec and one N2+ with EmuELEC) and never regret the buy.

One of the newest is this one:

But it’s “only” S905Y2. But i was able to run Amazon VOD without any issue. But it was only 400p as it’s widevine limited.

Repeat this every time someone asks. No one I have seen has had issues with using the X96Air. Seems to be the most generic and uniform box out there in the cheap as chips range. The only caveat is that they run hot and benefit from some modest thermal mods.


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This question was asked and answered several times. Radxa Zero is the best cheapest currently.

With that said, it doesn’t have an ethernet connection. This means that you will be limited to wifi only or have to get a USB (USB-C) Ethernet adapter

it supposed to be cheap so…

Yeah, I just thought it’s an important thing to note. Some people may just blindly buy it and then be disappointed.



I have an Odroid C2 that I have been using a media center with LibreElec and later CoreElec, but it is old and the HDMI is giving up. It gets overheated and the signal randomly gets lost until I give it a break. So I want to buy a new device that will act only as media center with LibreElec. What I need:

  • 4k HDR support (it will be connected to a Samsung Q80R).
  • Gigabit ethernet, no storage will be attached (source is a local Jellyfin server plus Youtube and other streaming, but no Netflix or any other DRM streming service).
  • No need for DRM, no Netflix or similar (as mentioned above)
  • Interested in lowest power consumption, specially when idle.

I was partial to the rPi 4b because of popularity, but after reading it does not support VP9 hardware decoding, it was a no go, specially because Goolag favors it and I use Youtube. Reading the Wiki, it seems the Amlogic’s S905X2 (and 3 although unnecesary) and S922X are the best candidates. Plus they have better idle power consumption than the rPi4b. Apreciate any other chipset suggestion.

I am familiar with Odroid, so for the price it seems the Odroid C4 fits the best for my needs. The problem is the Odroid C4 is out of stock and with the supply issues going around, it is uncertain when it will be available. The N2+ is available with 2Gb of RAM but not with 4Gb. I know 2Gb should work fine atm, but I plan on adding addons and experience has shown me that being generous with RAM is wise.

I would like to know:

  1. Any disadvantage of the S905X3 over the S922X for my usecase? Same for the Odroid C4 over the N2+?

  2. Is there any other chipset/device that fits my needs and I have missed that might also help me deal with the supply issues?

  3. This is more of a Odroid question, but why do the C4 and N2+ have HDMI 2.0 when the S905X3 and S922X support HDMI 2.1?


2G is more than enough. If you wanna upgrade go with the N2+. It’s the best. There is no AML device available that can do full HDMI 2.1. C4 and N2+ are similar in that regard.

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