BitRate Limits?

I’m experimenting with really high bitrate files – less to test my Odroid N2 and more to test my server/LAN. That said, I’m noticing choppy-ish playback of 264 and 265 content that starts to exceed 140MBps. Yes, again, I realize this is overkill content. I will never play anything this high – I don’t think. But that said, should the device be able to play super high bitrate files, like 400MB/sec? Or is there a limit to what’s capable.

You just found the limit, which also depends on components in the stream. Put your test files on an SSD, connect it to USB3.0 port on N2 and test what is the absolute maximum for your device.

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That shouldn’t be a network or hard disk disk bottleneck, as that’s less than 20 megabytes a second, unless you only have 100mbps networking.

Should that be 140Mbps (Bits Per Sec) not Bytes per Sec

A decent NAS on a gigabyte network will max out at 110 MBp - that’s
the 1Gb bottleneck

Copying files to an external HD via USB 3 maxes out around 190 MBps. depending on the HD’s fitted. My Synology DS1618+ with Seagate Ironwolfs max out at that rate whereas my old DS413J NAS was a pathetic 45 MBps over the network - constrained by a weak CPU.

I don’t have any problems streaming a 90 MBps 4K movie for instance to the N2.