Black screen for a few seconds on WETEK HUB

During playback, sometimes the screen turns black for a few seconds, then everything is normal again. Has anyone ever had this?

Does anyone have a similar issue?

How often this occurs and can you identify if there’s something common in those videos?

This happens every day, approximately once every 30 minutes. However, this may be playing a video from memory, or streaming a video from Youtube or when watching IPTV. recently, I noticed that this was just on the main menu, without playing anything. I use a short HDMI cable that was supplied with the WETEK HUB. I tried another longer cable, but it got even worse: there was sound, and the picture disappeared every few seconds. Could there be a problem in the cable?

I want to try connecting the WETEK HUB directly to the TV today, bypassing the receiver. Can there be a problem with transmitting the signal through the receiver? I would be interested to ask those who have a WETEK HUB available: they don’t have this problem?