Blue Light Filter?


Is it possible to implement some kind of blue light filter for night time viewing? Whilst changing the TV mode to Movie mode/Warm colours does help somewhat, most of the time it’s remembering to revert it back for daytime viewing etc.

It would be perfect to have this functionality :slight_smile:


Yes and I sure would like to this see. However, I believe this is more like a Kodi feature that ought to be requested through Kodi.

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yes, this should be a must nowadays :slight_smile:
I have changed my TV settings so far…

That’s one way to revive an old thread.

I was just thinking the other day that my TV is far too bright at night, even with the settings toned down, I will discuss this with the team.


so, any conclusion? :slight_smile:

Is there any progress on this?

This is the only feature preventing me from running CoreElec excusively.

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This would actually be a very useful feature in CE.
I use it on other devices, but keep adjusting settings on the TV set.

Hope this becomes possible …


Any news on this ?

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Set TV to Warm2 color temperature 100% of the time, better image details.

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