Bluetooth 4.0 dongle doesn't work. Logs attached

Just found out about CE and want to migrate from LE. Everything works, except Bluetooth 4.0 dongle I used with LE and Logitech Harmony remote.
[USB bluetooth Dongle]( via @amazon)
Logs here

Firstly thanks for attaching the correct logs.

I can see that the dongle is detected, recognised and loaded by the system.

Have you gone into CE-settings and tried searching for Bluetooth devices?

Thanks. Missed that. Had to piece together how I enabled it on LE, so pasting here for reference:

  1. Harmony - Add device. Company: Microsoft. Device: Kodi. Harmony & Kodi
  2. Harmony - create activity, will start Bluetooth pairing
  3. CoreELEC - Settings - CoreELEC - Bluetooth - pair device. Look for “Harmony Keyboard” in Bluetooth list