Bluetooth dongle

Hi wich bluetooth dongles are working for ODROID C2 with CE 8.90.2?

Didn’t try yet, but I got a bt dongle on my desktop (mainly to handle a couple of xbox bluetooth controllers). This evening I’ll try to plug it in my C2, if correctly recognized and working I’ll provide the chipset model. (it was a cheapo model anyway, less than 10 eur on amazon).

Thank you.
I have THE same plan to connect my dualshock controller and want to try to play some N64 games

Lucky you… I can’t get any game to properly work with libretro.

well this is Fucked up then

Here I am, Unfortunately to say that my dongle, a Sitecom cn-524 v.2 (dunno the chipset, but I guess it’s a recent broadcom) does NOT work out of the box with my Odroid C2 and latest CE release.
I’ll try to investigate the issue as soon as I’ll have some spare time.

Thank you for trying

Kodiking, I Had to refresh my c2 Image and starting from scratch, guess what? The sitecom adapter I have works like a charm with CE 8.90.3.

Glad you sorted this out.

i have to buy a new dongle

Yup, even though I was not able to connect my Xbox Bluetooth controller. Seems it connects for a Second then disconnects with an I/O error