Bluetooth remote stops working/isn't 'waking up' again

I use this Bluetooth dongle I got along with my vero 2 device some time ago:
My Harmony 950 remote and Smart Keyboard are connected to it and everything works quite well.

Since an update to latest CoreElec v. 8.90.5 I noticed, that after Kodi goes into idle mode (i guess) the bt connection breaks up. I think this also was happening in previous versions but after pressing some buttons and waiting a few secs, Kodi started to pick up the signal again and the remote continued to work.
However now with latest version I cannot “wake up” the bt connection anymore :frowning: Only reboot helps. Disable and enable of bluetooth does not help, since after reenabling it I get the message “no bluetooth adapter found”.

Is there a way to fix this? Or maybe to have the bt connection stay always on?

Hmm… I cannot really reproduce it. Sometimes it works and bt connection is waking up again sometimes not…