Bluetooth Volume

Hi. I have a Odroid N2 running latest coreelec (9.2.5) with Odroids BT adapter plugged into the front OTG usb. My problem is that the volume setting I last used is not stored when the N2 is put into standby and on wake up reverts to maximum every time and deafens me. (I have separate profile for BT setup with no audio passthrough and 2.0 channels.)

So does any one know of a setting I might have missed or is this something that needs looking at?

This happened to me on a s905 generic. Very annoying. My guess was (upgrade made the issue vanish) that CEC triggered the max volume in some way but I never found the setting.
My next move would have been to change the CEC version (I understand several versions can be activated in a simple way). But as said there was no need to pursue. If you search the forum for toggling CEC versions it might help components play nice if the root cause is to be found there (not sure).

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