Boot error, hangs. " Starting debugging shell for boot step: mount_flash...type exit to quit ### "


Upon imaging in Win7 via Etcher or Win32DiskImager, then inserting the USB stick into TV Box, I keep getting above error on top of blank screen. No boot.

I have tried with several LibreElec /CoreElec Leia beta/RCs on my X96mini S905W box, that already has a CoreElec 8.95.6 internally installed (and booting/working fine.)

I have been online to see many similar error reports, usually for RPi @openelec. So what is a solution?

First time sometimes, the same USB stick/SD card works normally. Have 16GB SanDisk Cruizer and 8/16 SanDisk/ Samsung SD cards I use with a USB adapter.

But seems after a couple of boot attempts, above error happens no matter how many reformats under Windows diskpart or Ubuntu gparted etc. Or starting with fresh installs from Etcher/ Win32DiskImager.

Under Windows I am unable to see the boot partition on USB stick after the boot attempts, but Ubuntu gparted /fdisk shows both fat32 boot and ext4 storage partitions without any error reports.


This error happens because you have attempted to install LE over CE or vice-versa.


I see.

  1. So if I install only CE over CE, this mount_flash error should go away?

  2. If I start fresh meaning I have Android in internal memory as usual but only boot from CE or LE SD card/USB stick one at a time, this error shouldn’t occur?


In short yes



This isn’t solved at all !

I took your 8.95.7 and burned via Win32DiskImager on a fresh USB stick to get the same mount_flash error on a new X96mini 1/8 G TV box. So this has nothing to do with LE over CE.

Otoh, an 8GB SD card instead of the USB stick works fine so far.


That means it’s a problem with your USB stick and/or box refusing to boot properly from the USB stick.


None of our guides recommend using Etcher or Win32DiskImager, try using Rufus.

Either you are doing something wrong or your USB stick is goosed and I have to say this is becoming a bit of a repeat occurrence now with you always having some issue or another.

USB sticks work fine for me and I prefer using them rather than SD-card’s as I have a couple of really fast ones.