Bridge Mode

Hello everyone.
I got Mecool M8S Pro+ with installed CE on internal memory. The box is connected to my router with Realtek 8811AU usb dongle. Next to my box i have old xbox360 fat without wifi card. I was wondering is there possibility that my TV box can share internet with xbox360 using ethernet cable?

I don’t know if this Howto setup and configure bridge mode in Linux through a shell prompt will help or not. It is a howto for debian distro and requires some additional software package installation which I don’t know if CE has it. However, it sure won’t hurt to give it a try. More information on how to configure a Linux bridge from a google search.

Install entware with instructions found on this forum then you should be able to get bridge-utils through entware and follow the above instructions. Maybe.

I tried to bridge the ZeroTier (entware app) VPN virtual network zt0 and the eth0 physical network and I could not do it.

I tryied this tutorial
I installed entware that include iptables, dnsmasq and nano text editor and i stuck on that point: “how to set static ip”.
I was type in cmd “less /ect/network/interfaces” and i get: “/etc/network/interfaces no such file or directory” error. So is there somebody that could explain how to bridge wlan0 to eth0 on CE software? I’m beginner in unix/linux expierience so be understanding. Best regards.