Broken HTTP functionality

I am forced to use another user-agent for scrapper. I am using native Kodi HTTP format:… etc. Its elegant, simple, addon-possible. Works in Kodi@Win.

But for some reason, CoreELEC broke the functionality, it always refers as User-Agent: Kodi/18.2 (X11; Linux aarch64) LibreELEC/9.0 App_Bitness/32 Version/18.2-Git:18.2-Leia in case 9.0.3 for example :frowning:

I looked on this, I think its cause by this patch, but I am still puzzled, why this is applied to all requests apparently (at least on general scrapper request from kodi), and not only to specified hostname.

My assumption is that this could be done within ParseAndCorrectUrl - // handle any protocol options - user-agent section. But still mystery to me why it overrides |user-agent syntax in current patch state…

I’m not sure why you are reporting this as if you look at our GitHub repository you can see that the patch was removed some time ago.

The patch was added because we learned from Sam@OSMC that Team Kodi was tracking our users via the user-agent when users was downloading from the official Kodi addons repo.

We ended up changing the URL for the Kodi addons to a public mirror so our users could no longer be tracked and then removed the patch in 9.2.0 as it was no longer necessary.

So the solution would be to upgrade.