Buffer partition

I know Coreelec creates 2 partitions on the SD, but which one is used for the Kodi buffer? I’m asking because I have a large SD card and would prefer to use the larger storage partition for my buffer as I sometimes have spotty internet and would like to buffer the whole file without running out of space. Thanks.

Big second partition is used for Kodi data.

Does that Kodi data include the buffer? My Coreelec install is on a 256gb SD card so I could buffer an entire 4k movie for example if the buffer is on the big partition.

CE has 2 partitions, one is for the OS and it is readonly, it’s always 512MB in size. The other one is for data, and all the remaining capacity of the drive is used.

The buffer you’re talking about (cache) is usually held in the RAM, you could buffer to the SD Card using zero cache but that’s not generally recommended and does not happen by default. If you want to buffer a whole 4K Movie to Storage you might as well just download it.

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