[Bug?] Kodi forces subtitle which is not forced

Dont know if it is Kodi or CE related but:

Kodi shows subtitle on my Videofile although it’s not correct, because generally I only activated forced subs in player options.
Format : VobSub
Muxing-Modus : zlib
Codec-ID/Info : Picture based
Default : Nein
Forced : Nein
complete mediainfo:https://pastebin.com/JvbyU4e0

Crazy: It’s furthermore not possible to deactivate it, Estuary does not find any subtitle on this file (!?)
System: CE 8.95.7

Can you fix that?

PS Its definitely not burned in videostream!

If you have run it through MKVtoolnix, which it looks like you have, & you only ticked audio & video, then I suspect the subs are embedded, & as far as I know, there is no way to remove embedded subs.

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I dont know very much about subtitles, so what does “embedded subs” mean? :smiley: -> “Embedded” in the mkv-container? In that case: I have many mkv-files within forced flagged srt or ass subs - and I am able to deactivate them if I want.

But the other way round - vod subtitles that are not forced flagged (like mediainfo here) - are handled like forced and furthermore without a way to deactivate!? This sounds like a faulty behavior from kodi to me. Or is the problem founded in vod format?

I have no explanation. I searched for embedded subs, all I got was hard core encoded. But I don’t see them as the same.

If for example, a newly released movie, was downloaded over the internet, you could find there is for example chinese text. ( I am not saying you downloaded any movie)

you could run it through mkvtoolnix, it would not show the subs as a separate file, so you wouldn’t be able to remove them, as they would be embedded.

I do not know any way of removing embedded subs. You could try Handbrake.

Sorry I can’t be any more help.

as an aside, there is a website called subscene where you can download subs for different languages for different movies https://subscene.com

I have got subs from here & edited them, mainly for foreign parts only. Then using Mkvtoolnix added them to a movie, if I then reloaded it, it wouldn’t show as a separate sub.

I don’t think I have really answered your question.

Ah, I call this hardcoded or burned (dont know if its right), but we also can call it embedded :smiley: But no, that is not the case, there is no hardcoded/embedded/burned subtitle in the videostream, it’s a seperated vod file in the mkv-container, that is flagged as not forced but handled as a forced subtitle and furthermore without possibility to deactivate.

So from my point of view it’s a bug…

Hopefully a dev can help.

That is a Kodi bug, not CE. We can’t really help with that.
I suggest you try it with Desktop Kodi and see if you can reproduce it, then open a case on Kodi’s support.

Same behavior on Windows, I opened an issue: