Build Failure with Ubuntu 22.04

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(Ubuntu 22.04) Persistent build failure at nfs-utils (201/354). Have tried clearing it out and restarting build with same result. No problems previously.

The check what is wrong with that package: you should see log file mention.

Yes, it’s looking for rpc.h. I have checked that this is in the tirpc folder of /usr/include, but maybe it is looking for it in /usr/include/rpc.

I can maybe skip the package or fudge it, but wondered if it was a current generic CE build issue. Or maybe it’s associated with Ubuntu 22.04, since CoreELEC recommend 20.04.
checking for pthread.h… yes
checking rpc/rpc.h usability… no
checking rpc/rpc.h presence… no
checking for rpc/rpc.h… no
configure: error: Header file rpc/rpc.h not found - maybe try building with --enable-tirpc
e[1;31mFAILURE: scripts/build nfs-utils:host during configure_host (default)e[0m

I think this patch is needed

diff --git a/packages/network/nfs-utils/ b/packages/network/nfs-utils/
index 5b785d8ee6..7cf97a522c 100644
--- a/packages/network/nfs-utils/
+++ b/packages/network/nfs-utils/
@@ -43,6 +43,11 @@ pre_configure_host() {
     --disable-tirpc \
     --without-systemd \
+  # for Ubuntu 22 with libntirpc-dev package installed
+  if [ -d /usr/include/tirpc ]; then
+    CFLAGS+=" -I/usr/include/tirpc"
+  fi
 pre_configure_target() {


Thanks! I edited the With one more change to avahi (pre_configure_target to NCONFIGURE=0) to overcome error, I now have a successful compile with 22.04.

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It should now build on Ubuntu 22.04 without making any extra changes to the packages.