Building kernel from source tree

I am trying to build the kernel from the source tree. I think that I have gotten to the stage where the tools are built (some issues with my host compliler gcc-10) but I think that there are some source files missing from the kernel.

Is this right so far:
checkout CoreElec
to build Amlogic-ng build for arm (32bit but kernel will be arm64) so do
PROJECT=Amlogic-ng make
Is this right? Or do I need to update the kernel version from the pacakges directory?

Kernel builds just fine :slight_smile:

I think it would be easier if you build on Ubuntu 16 or 18 in VirtualBox or use docker.

Yeah we don’t do things because they area easy :). Naah I am close. I didn’t realise that ubuntu’s libc had libacl libraries.

I think that some files must not be copied or some patches not applied.

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