Bus speed mode


Is there any chance that UHS/SDR104 mode can be enabled for microSDHC or SDXC cards? I mean for cheap chinese boxes not only for SBC-s.
Could this be solved with a new kernel upgrade in Coreelec?
I see Hardkernel unlocked the UHS capabilities SD card performance.

Asking this because the new A2 cards are slower than the previous generation, A1.

@Garcea, it’s a feature the devs probably will look into. However, the best way to run CoreELEC is to boot from SD/USB and using internal storage for data as seen from the guide over here: How to boot from SD/USB using internal storage for data. By doing that the speed of your SD/USB doesn’t matter and this feature isn’t as needed as I would think of

I know that option but the new A2 cards are cheaper and they are easy to swap. I read about the lack of host drivers for the new standard and I didn’t get the picture if it is an issue potentially solvable by the Coreelec devs or the box manufacturer / integrator.