Buying N2 in Europe

Hello my friends, i finally decided to step up a buy an odroid n2.
my question is, and since i’m from europe, is there any problem(customs) buying it from hardkernel? since the prices are way cheaper than
can my european neighbours share your experiences with me?
Best Regards.


wenn du aus Deutschland kommst, könnten (18,39 € Einfuhrumsatzsteuer plus 6 € DHL-Auslagenpauschale) von DHL Verlangt werden

Wenn es DHL Express ist dann könntest du
“Kapitalbereitstellungsprovision: 14,88 Euro inkl. USt”
“Plus 17,86 Euro Einfuhrsteuer.”

Es kann aber auch passiert das es durchrutscht und du nichts bezahlen musst, ist immer ein Glücksspiel.

if you come from Germany, you could (18.39 € import tax plus 6 € dhl expense allowance) ask dhl

If it’s DHL Express, you could
“Capital Provision Commission: 14,88 Euro incl. VAT”
“Plus 17.86 euros import tax.”

But it can also happen that it slips and you do not have to pay anything is always a game of chance.

There will be no taxes or customs fees if you live in Germany and buy from Pollin.

The only time you may be taxed or receive fees is if you order direct from HK because it is shipped from South Korea.

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adam i know that, i was talking about hardkernel that i think is based on Ásia.
Actually i’m in Portugal, well guess i’m going to buy it from pollin !

I’ve not done any currency conversions but there is an official distributor in the UK, so no import charges would have to be paid to Portugal.

They also do ready made kits that may be of interest,

Odroid UK

will take a look at that reseller based on UK!
many thanks guys

Any items shipped within the EU to another EU member state are exempt from taxes and import duty that’s one of the benefits to the single market.

And if you are in Portugal I would advise you to buy within the EU if possible. If you buy directly from HK avoid DHL.

Yes, expedited shipping from outside the EU is pretty much 100% guaranteed to come with import duties and some delivery companies, DHL being a prime example, also have a habit of adding their own handling charge, despite delivery already having been paid up front.

Pollin will not ship the N2 outside of Germany.

It isn’t correct, they shipped to Austria last month.

I got my 4 N2s from Pollin ( … and I live in Austria :sunglasses:

I think they ship to some Central European countries. Some months ago I checked and they didn’t ship to Portugal.

The pound is very cheap at the moment so in theory ordering from the UK should be cheaper than from Europe. However I think if they are posting to Europe I am not sure if this applies.

Yes whenever I check it defaults to Euro’s and the price never varies.


indeed the problem is that the uk distributers are asking for a 24€ fee for shipping lol.
going to wait for a sale or something

This eBay seller is shipping out of California for a good price. Customs is a risk though

Thats €83.00 with postage so even if you get hit for €10.00 tax its still cheaper than Odroid UK. Their emmc modules are cheaper as well.


thats pretty pretty decent shoog, going to give it a try probably! Thank you.

It’s safer to buy from UK. The tax isn’t just 10€. If it passes it’s 0€ if it gets stuck in customs it’s a lot more, depending on the carrier.

Customs can’t bring it up by more than €15.00 since its based upon value. The carrier offered is basic surface postage so issues with couriers imposing their own charges shouldn’t arise.
I am severely tempted myself.

This is what Irish revenue states:

a customs value (including cost, transport, insurance and handling charges) of €22 or less you will not have to pay Customs Duty or VAT
a customs value of more than €22 you will have to pay VAT
an intrinsic value (the value of the goods alone excluding transport, insurance and handling charges) of more than €150 you will have to pay Customs Duty.

That means a import charge of €19.00 in Ireland with a VAT rate of 23%, which still makes it cheaper than Odroid UK.

In that case it’s a good choice!