Buzztv x5 BT-400 remote

Good day, I tried to map the remote control but I can’t. Could someone help me? If you have the file and any instructions, I would be grateful.

One could start with the Remotes Repository. Files and instructions can be found there for Meson_IR and Bluetooth.

If your remote works and you want to remap keys, use the Kodi Keymap Editor.

The ok button does not work for me through the keymap and it is not even in the list on remotes.

There is file in the image /usr/lib/udev/hwdb.d/99-buzztv-bt-400-rf.hwdb which does a mapping for OK button and few others.
It can be copied to folder /storage/.config/hwdb.d/ and adjusted to user needs.

I’m a beginner and I don’t know how to do the procedure. I guess I’ll have to wait for an update. I noticed that driver support is already in Nexus 20 alpha 3. Thanks for the advice.

Which CE version are you using?

CoreELEC 19.5-Matrix_rc2

You have to use CE19 Nightlies or C20 alpha.

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