C2 problems with 9.0.3


I’ve installed Coreelec on my two C2s since the beginning… I’ve started with raybuntu libreelec community build.

Since 9.0.3, i’ve noticed some problem : one of my C2 freeze often on reboot (after kodi bug), and the second one lost its storage partition last night after freezing and reboot (i don’t know why)… I see there were much commits/evolution in 9.0.3 so bugs must occurs… But, it’s the first i’ve lost partition on openelec/libreelec/coreelec… Omsc kernel is instable ?

I had exactly the same on my C2…
Went back to 8.90.2.
8.90.3 is unusable on my C2 it hangs on bootscreen after reboot.

I run 8.90.3 on my C2 without issue.

I originally tried to upgrade from LibreElec community build 8.2.5 and Kodi would hang and never start, but a fresh image install is working just fine.