C2, VU5A and hdmi Splitter and last version of corelec

Hi to all,
I build a media player with a C2, HDMI splitter and a HardKernel VU5A. All works without splitter.
With the HDMI splitter connected, the video handshaking failed, and the VU5A don’t get video signal. The HDMI spliiter try to connect. Then splitter and VU5 can’t get handshaking for communicate.

Are they somes settings for fixing this ?
This is my boot.ini config:

setenv bootrootfs “BOOT_IMAGE=kernel.img boot=UUID=2911-4327 disk=UUID=efc403a6-5657-4842-a54f-b5ae9afa42ad”
setenv consoleopt “console=ttyS0,115200 console=tty0 no_console_suspend”
setenv vout_mode “hdmi”
setenv hdmimode “800x480p60hz”
setenv hdmioutput “1”
setenv vpu “1”
setenv coreelec “quiet”
setenv hdmi_cec “1”
setenv maxcpus “4”
setenv max_freq “1752”
setenv rtc_shield “1”
setenv hpd “true”
setenv loadaddr 0x11000000
setenv dtb_mem_addr 0x1000000
setenv uenv_addr 0x13000000
setenv gpiopower “228”

fatload mmc 0:1 ${loadaddr} kernel.img
fatload mmc 0:1 ${dtb_mem_addr} dtb.img

if fatload mmc 0:1 ${uenv_addr} config.ini; then env import -t ${uenv_addr} $filesize; fi

setenv device “no_console_suspend logo=osd1,loaded,0x3f800000,${hdmimode} vout=${hdmimode},enable vout_mode=${vout_mode} hdmimode=${hdmimode} cvbsmode=nocvbs mac=${ethaddr} consoleblank=0 max_freq=${max_freq} maxcpus=${maxcpus} disablehpd=${hpd} gpiopower=${gpiopower}”
if test “${hdmi_cec}” = “1”; then setenv cec “hdmitx=cec3f”; fi
setenv bootargs “console=${consoleopt} ${bootrootfs} ${device} ${cec} ${coreelec}”
showlogo ${hdmimode}

bootm start
bootm loados
bootm fdt
if test “${rtc_shield}” = “1”; then fdt set “/i2c@c1108500/pcf8563@51” status okay; else fdt set “/i2c@c1108500/pcf8563@51” status disabled; fi
fdt rm /partitions
bootm prep
bootm go

I posted my issue on hardKernel forum and they don’t know…



Anybody have idea ?

I will answer with questions:

setenv hdmimode “800x480p60hz”

Could the problem be here?

Does 800x480p60hz support the HDMI output of C2? -> Yes because it works without splitter

Does the splitter input support 800x480p60hz?

Does the VU5A input support 800x480p60hz? -> Yes because it works without splitter

well… I done some last tests
Set 1080p60hz done same trouble.
but external monitor plugged all works. The external display help to initializing the touchscreen VU5A.
Without external monitor. Display don’t go up. Strange

I have some trying to change external definition thru kodi to 720p by exemple and the splitter continu to works.