Calibration image fails (again on 8.90.3)

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My TV is one that has “aspect ratio” instead of “scaling”. For some reason, I had it set to “!6:9” so after “Auto” didn’t work, I realised it should be “Original” so I did that and it works just fine now.

Funnily enough, the third HDMI port on my TV seems a damn sight lot sharper than the 2nd !

For old Toshiba Regza TV’s it’s a button “quick” on remote
After you need to select Picture size: Native.
This is configurable for each HDMI port

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Not sure if anyone noticed this but I get some issues with video being wrongly calibrated after my TV switches to other resolutions. By default my Kodi GUI is set to 1080p and the calibration looks perfect. The issue is there when i’ll try to play ie. 720p or 4K video. When you pause the video you can clearly see that parts of the GUI like buttons or progress bar are being cut off. I can correct this by changing TV stretching options, but I’d prefer to keep them on ‘Normal’.

Any one has these issues?


As I said above this is 99% TV settings.
1080p, 720p and 576p shows correctly on my both TV’s
For each problem resolution you need to check hdmi/picture size settings, they can be different. If you set them in “native” you problem will be solved.
Check the google for such issues for your tv, may be it can help to find correct settings faster

Today I was setting up a new LG LED UHD TV (WebOs 3,5) and came upon this problem - the picture (1080p) was too big.
On my LG Oled TV there is an option in Quick Menu to set Aspect Ratio to “Just Scan” which is 1:1 ratio and picture perfectly fits.

On this new LG LED TV that option, “Just Scan”, is not present in “Qick Menu”. It took me some time to discover this option in “All Settings” menu. There under “Picture” -> “Aspect Ratio” the option “Just Scan” was set to “Auto” (default). Changing this option to “Just Scan -> ON” put everthing in its place, and full 1:1 picture is displayed.

This option is only available for HDMI inputs, not for DVB-T TV programs…

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The bulk of this thread describes users inability to set their TV’s correctly, nothing to do with kodi or CoreELEC

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