Can anyone explain log file for av6211

im trying to port dtb for my box please can anyone find the proble
amlogic S905 dvbs2 avl6211 with linux dvr drivers coreelec drivers

original device dts
ported based on K2 pro dts

The issue is in dvb/dev_name. In K2 pro is used AVL6862. For detecting AVL6211 you have to use dev_name=“wetek_dvb”

thank friend. but still getting avl6862 but with another extra error

@afl1 even i used wetek play 2 dtb everything works but no dvb.sorry i didnt took log i will try again tomorow thank you for your help.

@afl1 some logs after using wetek dtb and ported dtb with some parametre changes.
original device dtv_demod0_i2c_addr = <0xc>; default wetek dtb dtv_demod0_i2c_addr = <0x14>;

fec_reset_gpio-gpios = <0x2f 0x5b 0x0>; fec_reset_gpio-gpios = <0x2f 0x58 0x0>;

with changing drivers.
using wetek play 2 without modification with coreelec drivers
also opene the tv box AVL6211a confirmed