Can Coreelec transcode?

I have my Odroid N2 temporarily hooked up to an old Panasonic TV (via HDMI) and, when I play back from my USB stick, while H264 plays fine, files encoded with HEVC don’t play video all, just audio. This is a limitation of the TV as they play perfectly fine on other, more recent, TVs.

I know I can manually transcode those files using something like Handbrake, but I was wondering if there’s a setting somewhere in either Kodi or Coreelec that can tell it to force transcode on the fly from HEVC to H264 since this older TV can’t handle whatever video stream the HEVC codec produces. It could also be that the file is playing a 10bit stream and the TV can only handle 8bit since it’s old. If that’s the issue (rather than it being a codec thing) is there a way to have Coreelec output only 8bit regardless of the input?


ETA: Problem solved and feeling dumb. :slight_smile: For anyone facing a similar issue, I turned off all video options like refresh rate matching etc. and that solved it.

Simple answer is no.
Considering that on x86 hardware it takes all cores running at full pelt to run handbrake and it still can take half an hour to transcode a movie - its not surprising that ARM simply can’t.


@Shoog Most transcoding on the fly these days such as watching TV is not done by the CPU but the GPU or rather the VPU. In X86 is usually QSV and uses much less CPU

I have an old KIII Pro (S912) that I only use as a TVHeadend server. Unfortunately it cannot transcode video using the CPU, but does manage audio for a few streams, and we all know the issue with the gfx drivers. The new K7 Pro is an S922X though like the N2 so I was searching the forum hoping to see if CE supports hardware accelerated transcoding yet but it looks like it doesn’t. If anyone knows anything different please let me know, I would love to upgrade to a K7 and be able to transcode tv streams

I think that there is built in hardware decoders for transcoding on some of these chips, but its just another piece of work for hard pressed developers to reverse engineer for a relatively small number of users to take advantage of.


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are there any plans to get hardware transcoding working on Odroid N2 devices? I have been using it on an RPi3 and it worked great with SD channels. I need this to squeeze a TV stream through my 5mbit upload bandwidth.

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I would love to see transcoding on Odroid N2 with CoreELEC (TVheadend) too

Considering that a 65W Intel i5-8500 with UHD 630 graphics processor is not capable of transcoding anything serious, what do you think about the capability of an Amlogic S922 processor on a 5.5W Odroid N2 board?

In short, forget about this!

Note.- docker linuxserver/tvheadend installed on an i5 mini PC with LibreELEC allows me to transcode simple things to save bandwidth, but I don’t use it. You can also try this at CoreELEC.

People, just skip transcoding in settings and go for direct play! Internet it’s fast these days, stop making compromises!

These boxes just don’t have the power.

When I once extensively used TVH I spent a lot of time testing it and discovered that it is just not worth trying and any benefits that could be gleaned would likely be very small indeed.

yeah live transcoding seems not to be possible due hardware-limitations.
but could it be possible to transcode the records? there is no time limit so this could take a few hours with no problems.