Can I use an external HDD as STORAGE?

Is it possible to use a HDD for STORAGE intead of using internal/SD memory? My SD is a 64GB card, but I’m trying to use the Cloud Service next Cloud, so I’m trying to use my external HDD for storage. I can’t do it directcly from nextcloud, since all files are stored in the user data folder.

What you can definitely do is to mount the directories located on your external HDD to those in /storage. The following works for me for videos, tvshows etc.
In I added a call to an another script (since I found it cleaner than having everything in, eg.:

# map local directories to the external hdd

and in for every directory I map, there is a following section:

if [ -d /var/media/hdd/recordings ]; then
  echo "Mapping /storage/recordings to /var/media/hdd/recordings"
  /usr/bin/mount --bind /var/media/hdd/recordings /storage/recordings
  /usr/bin/sleep 0.2s

The sleep command at the end seems to be required, otherwise the mounting sometimes failed somewhere in the middle leaving random directories unmounted.


I’d say that adding a ‘STORAGE’ label to your external drive’s partition should be enough (I did it on a Beelink device to use internal storage instead of the SD card).

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