Can the Argon remote work in CoreElec?

Hi, i just got an Argon IR remote to use with my N2 running CE, thinking that the N2 has an IR port.

Turns out that while they provide a LibreELEC addon to drive the remote (cf. docs) that addon relies on rpi-tools which isn’t available on CoreElec (or at least not on my N2).

Is there any way to either get the rpi-tools (and even then, would they even do what they are supposed to on a N2?) or to maybe load the IR remote’s profile on its own?

For what it’s worth, i tried to remove the dependency to rpi-tools in the addon’s xml description, but it just fails when they Python code tries to import RPi.GPIO.

Any clues welcome!

Both Hardkernel Odroid N2 and N2+ come with IR receiver.

You can try to write your own configuration.

Additionally, here are some troubleshooting steps.

More on IR remotes

Alternatively, if your IR sensor is damaged, it can be replaced.

Thnks for all these pointers, i’ll try to write my own config.

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