Can We Overclock These Builds?

Wrxtasy has done amazing job on his build with overclocking feature and run smooth … is their anyway you can include this in your builds as well for s905/x and s912 builds ?

You can do this yourself on any build via

Overclocking the S912 seems a bit flakey, and there are Kernel issues which will limit overclocking it to 1400K (AMLogic set clocking within their kernel at very low levels and these require expert reprogramming to overcome). There is absolutely no chance of getting anywhere near the 2Meg claimed in their advertising.
The best performance boost that can be achieved is to set the Governors of the CPU’s to “performance”.

To be honest though, you will see minimal improvement in overall performance whatever you do. All tasks performed by the CPU’s can be achieved adequately quickly at the standard clock speeds. People have become addicted to overclocking as it delivers real boosts to the relatively weak RaspPi’s, but on the AMLogic S9xx chips there are more than adequate resources to run CE without any lagging.


Is this still a limitation with the new 8.90.3 kernel?

We are talking about @wrxtasy builds that include GPU OC, not CPU…

Why assume that, it certainly wasn’t stated in the question.

Any kernel for the S912 produced by AMLogic has code to limit CPU speed which is baked in by AMLogic. It is sneaky code as well as it will report higher clock speeds than it is actually running.

Overclocking the GPU maybe more successful, but when I tried it the speed kept reverting back to 500 (I think that was the speed but would have to check).

However I can say emphatically that setting the CPU to “performance” works and produces snappier response from the interface. Make certain you have beefed up your cooling whatever you try as overheating seems to be the reason for AML setting upper limits on the CPU clock.


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Wrxtasy builds ARE mentioned in OP, if you don’t see it, sorry…
And, Wrxtasy builds have only GPU OC option, so there is no assumption on my side, check yours :wink:

i can only put this down to a language problem, the question was about overclocking in general - Wrxtasy build was only mentioned as an example.


“Wrextasy build” and “overclock” in the same sentence can only mean GPU overclock, without any assumption, because those builds do not have any option to overclock CPU, or memorry, or anything else.

And the OP question was to “include overclocking feature” in CE as Wrexasy has done in his LE builds. How did you conclude that OP question refers to CPU overclock, is beyond my understanding…

i did mean gpu overclock … just like sholander has mentioned