Can you use dtb from android box for coreelec?

I have a bqeel x9t pro with S912
I am not able to get the firmware for the box so I ran dd if=/dev/dtb | gzip > /storage/downloads/dtb.img.gz to get the dtb.img.
when using this dtb.img, the box will just hang during boot.

If I use the gxm_q201_3g_1gbit for Tanix TX9 Pro, I am able to run CoreELEC (legacy) and so far, everything seems to work. I just thought it would be better to use the actual dtb from the box.

looking at the device trees folder, everything is between 40KB and 46KB. My dtb from the box is 262KB.
looking at them with a text editor on macOS, they do look similar but obviously a lot more in the dtb from the box

CE 9.2.7 should be the last working stuff, the dtb from android is different from the linux dtb (CE). If this gxm_q201_3g_1gbit for Tanix TX9 Pro works why bother? ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’

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