Cannot make proper ScreenShot on x265 videos

So many dunk memes lost cuz screenshots stopped working correctly.
Dunk memes were the most important feature of CoreELEC.
Santa wants dunk memes back!

Try echo 2. Also, this only affects HEVC and VP9 content.

I extensivly tested but alas, it randomly fails for me. Cannot spot any pattern. Maybe it’s some racing issue.

For example Silicon Valley S06E02…

If any of you can recommend hardware where screenshots work without issues
then that will be appreciated. My old but otherwise working ok S905X sucks.

PS sometimes but rarely a screenshot is good (regardless of codec or image ratio)

you wrote,

“Unless all you do all day is taking screen captures of what you are watching, I wouldn’t recommend using double_write_mode, as it degrades picture quality due to compression.”

I’d rather have better video quality than photos

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I literally can’t tell any difference in picture quality when setting 2 in double write for h265 or vp9.
Tested on many h265 shows (cuz I don’t have a fast net and this encoding is much smaller). I assume the degraded quality issue depends on the hardware and S905X is somehow not affected.

Though screenshots still have black stairs in the corner so went back to defaults anyway.