Cannot open amlvideo device


first I want to thank you for your hard work on CoreELEC.
It’s a great project and you have done so much for the community.

Since 8.90.4 I have a strange problem on my Wetek Hub (using S905 image).
I can watch tv or video without any issues, but when I stop it after about one hour I can’t start another video or tv channel. The screen just dims a bit and I only see an endless spinning wheel.
Looking at the logs, it seems Kodi isn’t able to stop all video player threads and finally prints the error “cannot open amlvideo device - device or resource busy”.
After a reboot everything is working again for some time until the same thing happens again.
If I only watch a video for a few minutes, I can start another video without problems. It’s only happening after a longer time.

Here are the logs of the last time this was happening:


I can’t help you as I have the same problem. However, I have seen this pop up in Kodi over several development release cycles. Seems that Kodi sometimes fails to release the video device on exiting a stream or file.

Thank you Jaaxx. I’ve seen this the first time since about 10 years using Kodi/XBMC.
I know, it’s still an alpha version and I can abolutely live with this error until the final release.
I thought, it could be a CoreELEC problem instead of a Kodi one (because it’s related to amlvideo and v4l) and just wanted to share it for further analysis.

Try a clean build as I haven’t experienced this and I think it’s one of your addons that won’t release amlvideo.

Your spotify client should certainly be replaced with librespot.

It has happened to me using MythPVR and sometimes local files as well. I don’t have time to look now, but I do remember it being addressed in the LE forum before.

Thank you, adamg.
I replaced Spotify with LibreSpot, now.
Although it isn’t near as comfortable as the former (direct access to the Spotify library from within Kodi), it seems to produce less errors in the logs.

I also uninstalled all unnecessary plugins and have a nearly vanilla installation, now.
I would like to avoid a complete clean install, because I would loose my access to Sky Go.

I will let you know, if these steps were successful.

I’ve just recently acquired a Sky Go login myself so I can emphasise with you there :slight_smile: you can always back up your user-data though and restore it.

Do you still experience the same issue following your changes?

Yes, having access to a working Sky Go login is really valuable. During my first tests I’ve already burned one Sky Go device ID. :man_facepalming:

Regarding my problem, you were absolutely right.
Cleaning up my addons actually solved this issue.
To test it, I started a tv channel before going to bed, and this morning I was still able to start another video stream afterwards.

I have the feeling, that the addon “Nextup Service Notification” was the one, which was causing the issue. Out of all addons I cleaned up, this is the only one, which kind of hijacks the video device by displaying this netflix style nextup pop up notification in the bottom right corner.

Thank you again for your help! I’m very sure, my wife will be happy, too. :wink: