Can't display Traditional Chinese Character

Dear Sirs,

I ran the coreElec 9.21 from my newly bought Beelink GT King Pro. It was fine in English character. When I change the display language to Traditional Chinese, disaster happened. All Chinese character can’t be displayed as garbage and I can’t operate the system.

Two questions,
1 How can I download the Chinese Fonts to make the display to show Chinese Character correctly. or
2 How to go back to English language since I can’t operate at alll.


You can’t. Fonts are part of the Kodi skin, and if the skin doesn’t have characters in its fonts for some languages, then the only thing you can do is either change the skin or change the font to Arial in the Skin settings.

But how can I do it. Since I can’t understand all menu bar since it was garbage all. How can I resume the Skin setting ?

If you can’t navigate to the skin settings in any way, then just do a clean install.

Thanks. I already find out the path to setup the Skin. Thanks again