Cant write to Harddrive Win 10 to Odroid C4 CE


first of all I´d like to say thank you to all the programmers who programmed Coreelec. I love it and use it on my new Odroid C4. Working like charme.

Allrighty here is my Problem:

I´m using my C4 with CE to watch Movies on my TV, there are 3 4TB HDD´s connectet and accessible with my Win 10 Computer by SMB.

I can´t write to this Drives, I can see them and read but not write.

But I can write to any other Folder in the directory. Furthermore I connected another 128GB HDD for testing purposes and I can write to that one but not the other 4TB Drives.

I reconnected the “old” X96 S905X2 and it´s the same, read but no write.

Hope you can help me with this.

Regards James

Looks like a permission issue on the win10 share.
Just to try add everyone or your user u use in coreelec to connect to the share. This user need to have write access in this folder.

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