CE 19 with working DVB-S2

I there actually a Box out there with amlogic-ng support + working internal DVB-S2 tuner ?

I have a K1 Pro (S905D) working fine with CE19 and I a few time ago it was still on sale in some chinese sites (maybe geebuying). Not cheap tho

$ 157.34 very expensive for this device. In its day it cost me less than half this price.

And SoC type GXL S905D is outdated as well and maybe not supported by the upcoming Amlogic 5.4 kernel anymore. So please avoid buying a dying horse.

Search the forum and you will see anyone recommend to implement SAT>IP as alternative as all DVB issues are solved than.

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Yes, it’s expensive and support soon to be dropped by CE team, as all DVB-S stuff.
So for me (SAT user) the future will be boxes with enigma2 and a system to distribute sat signal (sat>ip, lnb unicable, whatever) to the LAN made up by some cheap linux boxes with kodi. Investing in a new box for CE is useless imho.

CE is the best way to run cheap Android boxes, better than Kodi on Android by a long mile. If you need SAT then a box which puts SAT > IP onto the LAN is the way to go, then your cheap front end box can use the SAT > IP signal for a TVHeadend server. A good SAT > IP source will last a long time as its not doing a difficult job and so can be low spec and never needs upgrading, and this leaves you to upgrade your CE box as the need demands (ie when new formats are introduced).


I have now bought a deco enigma2 Octagon SF8008 twin tunner satellite. It does not matter that tvheadend does not work for the sat-ip signal, the image quality of this device is good and its performance, it does not heat up, hdmi cee control works well, therefore I can use CE 19 in a device and in the Another enigma2, everything is controlled well with the control of the television itself.

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