CE 9.2.2 causes problems on KI PRO

Hello I have KI PRO. After upgrade to 9.2.2 it freezes when I watch PVR (IPTV) and want to play some stream service (from video addon). It never happened with 9.2.0. Not sure if with 9.2.1 because I use it it only shortly.

Please could you help? Logs catched in “freezed” state. Freezed means there is “waiting circle-not moving” in lower right corner and no respponse to remote (HDMI CEC).

Please what is the true source of problems regarding to logs?

Logs here: http://ix.io/2i3z and http://ix.io/2i3A

Thank you.

Anybody could check the logs?

Update to 9.2.3 and try again, if you still have the same issue, try the latest nightly.
If neither works, please post new logs.

Hello @TheCoolest seems solved with 9.2.3, I noticed this only once (but have no logs ot something…). Seems like it depends on file format which is to be played, because this file was some non standard h265…