CE + odroid N2 + SAMSUNG Q7F

Hey everyone, can someone please help me in setting my TV’s IR controller to work in CE on odroid N2… It used to work automatically but stopped a month or so ago. Should i just follow the guides advised in this forum and set key mapping or is there another way to do it? forgot to say - my n2 is plugged directly into TV. Thanks

it does not use IR, it uses HDMI CEC afaik. Check your CEC settings make sure it’s enabled. I’m also using samsung also and it still works on mine.

Thanks, if you are refering to CEC settings on CE, then yes - they are enabled properly

(i will check the settings on the TV itself later as well, but having in mind that i can control other devices with the remote i assume HDMI CEC is enabled allready)

Press and hold the shutdown button on the samsung tv remote 10sec, that is completely shutdown the tv, not stand by it…
Or test the
Switch the source Hdmi to Tv and back

Thanks - i will try it later. An interesting thing though that i found - when using the “universal controler” option on Smart tv and “selecting” that N2 box with CE is an xbox - the remote starts to work, but is extreeemly slow and lagging…