CE waking HDMI for update notfications

I’m using CE 19.1 with an Odroid N2 on and LG C8. I use the built-in HDMI screen standby/blanking and CE wakes the entire TV for an update notification (about the RC2 release in this case). It seems to me if the TV is sleeping notifications should be suppressed until I next turn on my screen right? I’m not exactly sure what debugging is necessary so perhaps this is a “feature”. Thanks.

Just send the CE device to suspend or power off?
Check libCEC settings?

My libCEC setting is “Put devices in standby mode when activating screensaver” (activated) meaning the update notification is waking my device from standby.

BTW it does this even when I have updates set to manual and the update notification off. It still wakes my TV from standby to tell me there’s a Coreelec Update.

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