CEC always broken on Philips

It’s a libCEC CEC client handling issue

which is why I’d like to be able to stick to the CEC version that was working and still is working reliable. But it got dropped. Why?

Because it solve issues for other thousands users?

if some version works for group A and the other version for group B there should be a menu to select the version you need. Not arbitrary deciding to help group A and tell group B to buy a new TV, which was working perfectly fine before you decided to change it.

First response in this thread was questioning my abilities, second to blame my AVR and third my TV…

feel free to make a PR, thank you

It’s not ok to blame on a open source organization like CoreELEC what try it their free time for free to help users. Blame on the companies like Pulse Eight or Philips please, the people their get paid for support. And you paid for their equipment and not CoreELEC. So CoreELEC would be the last place to start blame about issues. I clear have written were the issue is placed. If you don’t like it, just please do not use it. We get nothing if you stay with CoreELEC and we get nothing when you go and use another operation distribution.

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