CEC perturbation for other devices

Hi All,
I have a magicsee n5 working almost fine.
I only have an issue regarding CEC. It looks like the CEC from the box broke the CEC for other devices.

I have 3 device on my bravia TV: one switch, one ps5 and the n5.
When I unplug the n5, TV detect the switch and PS5, display their name in input list.
If I plug the n5, the n5 work fine, turn on/off the TV, can switch to the correct input, but the switch and PS5 does not work completely anymore.
They only turn on the TV and does not switch to the correct input. Also their name does not appear on the TV anymore.

Any idea ?

I’m having similar issues, when I power on my tv I get no sound, the fix is to switch it off at the socket, disconnect the hdmi from the coreelec box then power it all back on, when the tv is back up, I can then plug in the hdmi.
I’ve switched off cec in the box but it must still somehow be running. Last night I ordered a stop cec hdmi adapter, it’s got the cec pin disabled inside so the signals cannot go anywhere

coreelec 18 or 19?
guess i face something similiar - when i reboot my n2 the marantz (av receiver) does not see the n2 anymore

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