CEC stop working correctly After .3 update

CEC with a Philips TV stop working after last update 8.90.3.
I.e. if i press volume up, the volume goes up and press 3.
With left Button the TV goes off…
How i can fix It?


are you sure, this is a CEC Problem? I have had the Problem with the .2 Version. At the Same time, the Philips send a IR Command. The Player (C2) have the same IR Code for PowerOff.
I think, you made the Player with IR PowerOff and the Player send to the TV a CEC Power off.

Check This,

  1. Block the IR Interface at the Player and repeat the Left Direction Command. I think, no Hardware will get Off.
  2. Look in the CEC Interface Settings. When the Player geht PowerOFF no other Hardware get PowerOFF. Repeat the Left Direction Command. I think, only the Player will get Off.

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also using cec via samsung tv, no issues on my end for .3

Philips and Samsung dont have the same IR Code. Do you have tested my scenario?

Blocking ir sensor with an obstacle, all works correctly.
With systemctl stop eventlircd ir sensor working anyway.
Ir file is empty.
Don’t know how to fixit…
Mini m8s-2 with s905x

You can follow the instruction and receive the codes from your remote
Configure IR remote control
And add them here(just to know)
You can try to assign them to not working keys(not sure about power key)